1.  Which books should I sell/buy?
     Sell any books you own that you see on the 2017-2018 book list found through the SMA Textbook Portal for the specific class.  The same goes for buying.

2.  What should my post look like?
     Make sure you state your name, grade, email address. If you're selling books, state the books you have available for others to buy and which class each pertains to. If you're buying books, state which books you're looking for.

3.  How much should I sell my books for?
     Compare the retail and used prices of the book to the condition your book is in. Consult your friends as well as the Internet to see what others are pricing their books at.

4.  How do I set up a meeting time to buy/sell books?
     Get in contact with the person through email, texting, etc. Arrange a time to meet that's convenient for both of you, maybe during lunch or break. Also arrange what each person needs to bring (books, money, bartering items, whatever suits your fancy).

5.  DO NOT drop you books or money off in the Front Office for another student.

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